Help Save the City of Mississauga's Gardens

This website was originally started to save the garden at 2149 Shawanaga Trail, which the City of Mississauga had ordered destroyed under its draconian encroachment by-law.  Thanks to the support of our amazing neighbours, we changed their mind.  That experience made us aware that many other citizens are going through this same problem with the City and we have decided to continue this website to support those citizens.  If you click the link to the blog above, we will feature other gardens under threat of destruction under the by-law.  We will post the appropriate councillor to write to in support of the various gardens within the blog.

In the meantime, if you'd like to write the mayor asking for changes to the encroachment by-law that support, rather than punish, gardeners trying to beautify the City, her contact information is below.

Thanks for your support!

Tracy and Lauren Loconte

Mayor Hazel McCallion -
                                  telephone (905) 896-5555
                                  fax (905) 896-5879